Top Reasons Why You Have a Musty Crawl Space Smell

Assume you are sitting at home, making the most of your night to see a horrendous odor occupying the room and your noses.   On the off chance that the sharp odor isn’t originating from your body or supper, at that point, have you checked your crawl space?   Your musty crawl space smell may be the explanation you and your visitors search for reasons to walk out the door.   Why Are You Experiencing A Musty Crawl Space Smell?  Although crawl spaces are little confined spots, various events and things can cause offensive smells rapidly. Here are some of the reasons you may be experiencing that awful smell.  Mold   While mold itself may not cause odors, any mold framing on wooden or organic materials will manufacture mildew and delivery smell.   You should know whether you’re powerless by going down into your crawl space and feeling if it’s soggy.   Mold can likewise deliver …

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5 Great Benefits Of Having a Crawl Space

Many homes in the USA are still built on a crawl space rather than a slab foundation, and it’s certainly something to consider if you’re buying a house. Should you go for a slab foundation, or is a crawl space right for you? Although slab foundations are becoming more popular in many areas of the USA, it’s important not to dismiss the idea of a crawl space out of hand. There are many benefits that come with having your home built on one that may actually benefit you, depending on what you want in your home and what you intend to do with it.  So what are the benefits of a crawl space, and does that make one right for your home? 1. The Layout of the House Can Be Changed If you plan to do extensive work on your house, a slab foundation may be a bad idea. With …

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Slab vs. Crawl Space: Which Foundation Is Best?

Are you in the market for building a new home? If so, you’ll want to have the best foundation for your specific situation. That’s why it’s crucial to understand the difference between a slab vs. crawl space foundation.  Each one has its benefits and its drawbacks. What Is a Crawl Space? A crawl space is a raised foundation created with footings and block walls that support the home while creating space underneath it. The house may be elevated one and a half to four feet from the ground. With a crawl space, the subfloor of the house doesn’t make direct contact with concrete, and the space beneath allows for easy access to piping and utility lines. How Does a Slab Foundation Differ? By contrast, a slab foundation is a six-inch thick “slab” of concrete that is installed directly on the ground over a layer of rock or gravel. There are concrete footings that extend …

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