crawl space vs basement

What Is the Distinction Between Crawl Spaces and Basements?

Whether you’re planning to move or have a house already, you may find yourself wondering what the difference is between a crawl space and a basement. They’re more different than you might think, and each one has its own pros and cons. Read on to compare a crawl space vs basement and get all your questions answered.  The Amount of Space The biggest differentiator between a crawl space and a basement is the amount of space each one provides.  Crawl spaces are smaller places. On average, they’re usually no more than 3 feet deep, explaining the “crawl” in crawl space.  A basement, on the other hand, is much larger. A typical basement can be 8 feet or taller. This is because basements, unlike crawl spaces, are intended for living in. In fact, it’s not uncommon for basements to have several rooms or even a bathroom.  Uses of Basements In the United States, …

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crawl space dehumidifier

How to Install a Crawl Space Dehumidifier: A Simple 5 Step Guide

Due to their location, crawl spaces tend to be damp, musty, and sometimes home to rodents and other animals looking for shelter. If you avoid your crawl space because you dislike the environment down there, why not install a crawl space dehumidifier? You may even be able to install it yourself! Like many home improvement projects, all you need are the right tools and a little advice. Read our guide and explore the five steps you can take to make your crawl space healthier and less creepy. 1. Location Location Location You might think you don’t have much of a choice when it comes to the location where you install the crawl space dehumidifier. After all, it’s a small space, and who will see it anyway? You’re partially correct—not many visitors will ask to take a look in your crawl space. That said, you do need to install the dehumidifier in …

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crawl space vapor barrier

Why Do You Need a Crawl Space Vapor Barrier?

Does your home have a crawl space instead of a slab or a full basement? A crawl space might be the best type of foundation. Unlike a slab, a crawl space provides ventilation beneath your home—as well as access to your home systems. And unlike a full basement, a crawlspace saves energy by not needing heat or AC. However, many homeowners fail to keep up with crawl space maintenance. They end up having to deal with water incursion and other issues. If they had installed a crawlspace vapor barrier early on, this problem might not have developed. So read on to find out how a crawl space vapor barrier could benefit you. Why Crawl Space Maintenance Matters Homeowners: you neglect your crawl space at your peril! Remember it is part of your house. Whatever goes on down there eventually will be noticeable up above. For example, you might start to …

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crawl space repair

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Crawl Space Repair Contractor

Crawl spaces have certain advantages over basements or slabs, including elevation, which is important in termite-prone regions, lower costs, and ease of repair. However, they’re not without disadvantages. If a crawl space isn’t insulated properly, it becomes attractive to rodents and susceptible to mold growth and moisture. Another con has to do with energy efficiency. In cold winters, heating the air in your crawl space means extra expenses. The good news is, with the right crawl space repair contractor, you don’t have to worry too much about these disadvantages.  That being said, you can find the best crawl space repair professional by asking these 5 questions. 1. How Long Have You Been in Business? It’s easy enough to google “crawl space repair near me,” but how do you know you’re hiring the right company?  One way to narrow down your options is to ask contractors about their experience. It also helps …

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mold in crawl space

What Can You Do When There’s Mold in Your Crawl Space?

What’s that smell? Did you know that unhealthy mold levels are found in an estimated 45 million buildings in the U.S.? Mold doesn’t just create an unpleasant odor; it comes with a plethora of health issues.  Mold in crawl spaces is particularly prevalent, especially in older homes. So, how can you protect the health of your home and your family? Keep reading to learn what you need to do when you find some so that you can protect yourself. The Causes of Mold in Crawl Spaces Mold is caused by excessive levels of humidity, and crawl spaces are the perfect environment for mold to grow and thrive. Crawl spaces are unfinished, narrow areas between the bottom floor of a home and the ground for purposes of insulation. Most modern crawl spaces are built with a vapor barrier to cut down on moisture levels, but not all of them are. When …

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crawl space encapsulation vs vapor barrier

Crawl Space Encapsulation vs Vapor Barrier Installation: Which Is Right for You?

Every year your electric bill creeps higher and higher, no matter what you do! You changed your air conditioning settings, make sure to turn off lights, and even installed energy-efficient windows. A recent survey found that the average American household spends about $110.00 a month on electricity. These days, getting that number down is one of your biggest goals! But, where else can you increase the energy efficiency of your home? Have you considered your crawl space? Keep reading to learn all about crawl space encapsulation vs vapor barrier and which one is best for your home. What Is a Vapor Barrier? The simpler version of insulation for your crawl space is adding a plastic barrier called a vapor barrier. These plastic sheets won’t vaporize your electricity bill. But, because they reduce the moisture in the crawl space, it keeps your home at a more stable and comfortable temperature. Also, because …

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crawl space foundation repair

How Does Crawl Space Foundation Repair Work?

Does your home have a slab or crawl space foundation? If you have a pier-and-beam structure to your house, you probably enjoy the many benefits of having a crawl space.  Your crawl space provides easy access to check on the foundation of your home. When you encounter a problem, repair professionals can reach the subfloor and other foundational structures through your crawl space area.  How does crawl space foundation repair work? If you think you have a problem, keep reading to learn more about it.  What Can Go Wrong? The foundation of your home bears the weight of everything in your home, including the structure, plumbing, electrical wires, roofing materials, and everything you move into the house to make your life more comfortable. Over time, the weight of the home can cause damage to your foundation.  With a crawl space, other factors can impact the piers and beams that support your …

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crawl space

Why Is Having a Crawl Space Important to Your Home’s Foundation?

Did you know that crawl spaces were built to provide a safeguard between the house and the soggy ground? Crawl spaces have remained a bit of mystery, but today we peel back the curtain and learn just how important a crawl space is to a home’s foundation. From its purpose to foundation effects, you can learn all about crawl spaces today.   Now, are you ready to get started? Here’s a quick look at facts about crawl spaces:  What’s the Purpose of a Crawl Space?  Crawl spaces are similar to a basement, in which it has easy accessibility to utilities and outlets. However, these spaces are usually vented with outside air. Some spaces are of full height, while others are only two feet tall, causing you to crawl on your stomach to get around.  However, these spaces are generally one of the most misunderstood components of a home. In fact, they …

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crawl space encapsulation

Crawl Space Encapsulation: 5 Facts You Need to Know

Does your home have a crawlspace? If so, you can enjoy the many benefits of this space underneath your house, including room for extra storage and easy access to your home’s plumbing system.  However, many people never venture into their crawlspace or use it—and for a good reason. If you’ve never taken a look underneath your home, you might discover a space full of pests, rodent nests, dirt, and mold. Without the right type of care, those elements can seep through your home’s flooring and cause problems with your house.  Crawl space encapsulation is the answer to protecting your home from what lies beneath in that space. Keep reading to learn all about this process! What is Encapsulation? The crawl space is part of your home and requires care to prevent damage to the structure of your house. With the right care, crawl space maintenance helps keep pests away and …

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crawl space maintenance

Your Complete Crawl Space Maintenance Checklist in 2021

Do you have a crawl space under your home? Crawl spaces are notoriously difficult to maintain. They’re hard to access, often requiring the person to crawl (hence, the name). Some people may neglect to take care of them whatsoever, but this is actually a mistake. So how do you keep up with your crawl space maintenance? We’ve compiled a brief and easy to use crawl space maintenance checklist for you. Keep reading to learn more! 1. Control Your Moisture Many crawl spaces have the ability to build up lots of moisture. If any rainwater or other damp substance seeps into it, it can embed into the soil. It won’t evaporate due to its lack of exposure to sunlight.  If left untended, this can create mold, which contaminates your air quality and can stir up allergies. Dampness can also cause damage to your home. To control the moisture in your crawl …

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