5 Great Benefits Of Having a Crawl Space

Many homes in the USA are still built on a crawl space rather than a slab foundation, and it’s certainly something to consider if you’re buying a house.

Should you go for a slab foundation, or is a crawl space right for you?

Although slab foundations are becoming more popular in many areas of the USA, it’s important not to dismiss the idea of a crawl space out of hand.

There are many benefits that come with having your home built on one that may actually benefit you, depending on what you want in your home and what you intend to do with it. 

So what are the benefits of a crawl space, and does that make one right for your home?

1. The Layout of the House Can Be Changed

If you plan to do extensive work on your house, a slab foundation may be a bad idea.

With a slab foundation, the core of the house can’t really be changed. 

With a crawl space, however, the bathroom and kitchen could feasibly be moved from one end of the building to the other. A crawl space gives you access to the house’s core features, making it easier to make big modifications. 

2. Easy Way to Check for Termites

With a crawl space, it can be much easier to check if you have vermin.

The signs of termites can be easier to spot if you can go down into the crawl space and look. With another structure, the vermin might be less easy to find and therefore have the potential to do much more damage before you can spot and get rid of them. 

3. A Well-Insulated Crawl Space Promotes Good Air Quality

Many people are wary of crawl spaces because of the effect they might have on air quality. However, if you get yours insulated, you’ll find that the air quality in your house will end up being very good for you. 

This does require some work done on the crawl space but will be worth it in the end. 

4. It Can Be Used for Extra Storage

Another massive benefit of having a crawl space under the house and having work done to it is the extra storage it can provide!

Of course, it’s important to make sure anything you keep down there is safe to do so. Even so, there are a number of things you can store down there, stress-free, if the proper work has been done. 

5. There’s Easy Access to Plumbing

Plumbing issues are all-too-common in homes. When the pipes get too old, they’ll fail, or tree roots might end up growing through them.

Having a crawl space can provide easier access to pipes when there are clogs and problems, rather than having a slab foundation that’s difficult to get through. 

Having a Crawl Space Can Provide Some Major Advantages!

It’s important to consider what you want in a home when looking at the foundation — however, a crawl space can provide some serious benefits that you may not be able to get in a slab foundation.

If you’ve purchased a home with a crawl space in North Carolina or Ohio and would like trustworthy, reliable cleaning services for it, contact us today!

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